How to keep your identity safe when shopping online

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When you are banking or shopping online you need to keep your identity and personal information safe.

Recently on social media, people have come out to complain about how they got scammed by scammers and identity thieves who have used their details to shop online.

This must be prevented from happening.

You need to protect yourself from identity theft when shopping online. Here are ways to keep your identity safe when shopping online.

1. Never respond to suspicious emails

You need to be suspicious of emails you get. Be suspicious of offers you receive through your email.

This also applies to messages on social media platforms. If it looks suspicious don’t click on such messages.

Ignore such messages and report as spam.

2. Do not use a public computer

If you want to shop online or carry out any transaction online, make sure you use your own personal computer or mobile phone.

Never go to a cyber cafe or use someone else computer to carry out an online transaction. You can be exposing yourself to high risk of identity theft.

3. Be careful when using public hotspot or WiFi

As convenient as it is using public Wi-Fi, you need to be wary of it. There are a lot of security issues associated with using a Wi-Fi.

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Your information can be accessed when you are using a wireless connection to surf the web.

Before you connect to a wireless connection, make sure your personal information is well protected.

4. Keep your computer safe

You need to keep your computer safe. Keep your computer updated with the latest anti-virus.

Not updating your computer with a good anti-virus leaves your computer prone to different viruses which might make you open to identity theft.

It very important to updates your computer every time.

5. Shop online from reliable and known source

When shopping online, make sure you buy from reliable and known sources.

If you have to buy from an unknown source, you need to research and find out about such online company.

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If it is not reliable do not go into a business transaction with such companies.

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